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Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation

The letters to the Seven Churches are found in chapters two and three of the Book of Revelation. In the vision of the Apostle John, Jesus dictates letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor that are relevant to the church in any age.

There are different ways to understand the letters to the seven churches. They can be interpreted as relating to the church in universal terms or for the life of the church at different points during its long history.

The Apostle John is very interested in the number seven; he’s instructed by Jesus to write seven letters to seven churches. The letters follow identical formats, and each letter has seven sections.

Seven Sections of the Letters to the Churches

1. Greetings for each of the seven churches

2. Descriptive title for Jesus, who is dictating the letters to the seven churches

3. Insights into the life of the seven churches


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