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Grand Theater in Ephesus

Ephesus grand theather dates back to Greek times but later in Roman era it took it's last form. It is the largest theater in the Asia Minor with accomodation for 25.000 people; 24.000 seats and 1000 standing places. It was originally two-storied and was heightened by one storey at a later date. Served not only for dramatic performances, but also for demonstations of a social, political, economic, religious nature and for gladiator games. This theater is also mentioned in the New Testament Acts Chapter 19. An uprising started against Paul in 56 AD. The uprising started by a silversmith by the name of Demetrius provoked his fellow-craftsmen to a public out cry against Paul, with the cry "Great is Artemis of Ephesians". Demetsius did it because he thought this new religion could destroy their businesses. They made their living by selling statues of Artemis to pilgrims visiting Ephesus. A major riot started against Paul. Paul tried to enter the theater but his companions did not let him do. Later St. Paul was exiled from Ephesus.