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House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus

House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus, TurkeyAccording to common christian tradition Virgin Mary was brought to Ephesus by Saint John the Evangelist after Jesus Christ was resurrected. Visible house today is from 6th century A.D. but researches showed that foundations date back to 1st century A.D..

House was discovered after a miracle happened in Germany in year 1812. German nun, Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich woke up with stigmata and had visions that included the Virgin Mary and Apostle John traveling from Jerusalem to Ephesus. She described Mary's house in detail, which was recorded at her bedside by a writer named Brentano. On June 27, 1891, two Lazarist preists and two Catholic officials set out to Ephesus and they found the house thanks to Anne Catherine Emmerich's visions.

The Meryama was later visited by Popes Paul VI and John Paul II, who confirmed its appropriateness as a place of pilgrimage. On November 29, 2006, Pope Benedict XVI celebrated mass here.