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Tours to Seven Churches of Asia Minor

We always try to create the best of the custom made itineraries which are shaped on your wishes. That is something we learned thanks to years of guiding and tour planning in Turkey. We provide you with two pre-made itineraries shown below. This tours can be modified if you want to add or remove a stop or a day. Also if you want you can contact us and we can create your custom tour with you. Our contact details can be found under contact page.

3 days \ 2 nights Tour to Seven Churches of Revelation

This tour package will give you chance to discover the locations of the Seven churches of Revelation. The modern country of Turkey is home to all seven of the churches mentioned in the opening chapters of Revelation. The Book of Revelation is the last book in the New Testament. While the rest of the New Testament is made of narratives and instructional letters, Revelation is an apocalyptic work. It consists of visions, predicts future dramatic events, and uses a great deal of symbolic language. Interpretation of the Book of Revelation is a task that has kept biblical scholars busy for centuries.

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 Days/6 Nights Tour to Seven churches of Revelation and Istanbul

Christian Package Tours of Turkey will let you to discover the locations of the Seven Churches of Revelation. Ancient Turkey is the home of biblical sites of old and new testament. This tour package cover Seven Churches of Asia Minor. And tours to highlights of Istanbul, Western Turkey. While you are having Christian Tour you will also have opportunity to explore ancient and modern culture, tradition, archaeology, natural part of Turkey.

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