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Christ Appears to John

The first vision which John is given is, appropriately, a vision of the risen and glorified Christ who now lives in heaven (Revelation 1:8-20).

The vision shows us that Jesus Christ is still able to be present among his people on earth, because he is seen walking among the seven golden lampstands which represent his churches.

I Turned... It has always impressed me, though it seems a small thing, that the first vision did not occur before John’s eyes where he was looking. The vision began "behind" John (verse 10), and he had to turn around to see it.

You may think me silly, but to me this is an indication that the visions were not of John’s own making inside his own head. They were an external phenomena from the angel of the Lord. It also points out to me John’s carefulness in recording exactly in every detail what happened.

Seven golden lampstands... These first objects, among all that will be shown John in the visions, represent the seven churches to whom John is writing (Revelation 1:20).

When the Lord gives his message to the church at Ephesus, he threatens to remove their lamstand from its place (Revelation 2:5).

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